If you send us your bike fitting details or dimensions, through FIT4U you will receive your EDRO fitted for you, with four components being specified especially for you: frame size, stem length, handlebar width and type of saddle.

With FIT4U, you will also be able to choose four painting items: the colors of the frame, the colors of the logos and graphics, matte or glossy finish and the customization of the top tube. The top region of the top tube is free for customization, you can put your name, symbol, image, phrases, etc. Making your EDRO a unique and exclusive combination that represents your spirit in the ride!

And through the FIT4U plan, the customer is entitled to a second painting, if he wants to change the name or customization or simply want to repaint the bike, with a promotional value of USD 99,00 for the total painting of the frame.

At FIT4U, personalization is totally handmade, by Brazilian artists. We use the Acrylic Carbon Industrial PU painting technique, exclusive in Brazil, bringing very high quality and durability with the minimum addition of weight to the bicycle.

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