Sturdy and reliable bikes. That's what EDRO is committed to delivering to you. Therefore, we offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects for any component from our brand. But cycling is a high-intensity and risky sport, so accidents are always prone to happen, compromising even EDRO's carbon fiber frames, which despite the highest resistance, are not indestructible.

So, thinking about all your needs, we created EDRO CARBON ASSIST, a new program for replacing or repairing carbon fiber components, so your EDRO will keep with lifetime warranty for frames, forks and components from our brand even after a unforeseen.

If you have an accident, such as a severe fall, a collision, a fall during transport or any other accident and you notice that there is something wrong, such as some noise, cracking or any other symptom, you should immediately contact the EDRO salesperson or our call center. You will receive instructions to proceed with the sending of photos and detailed information about the accident, and you will receive, after a previous analysis by our team, the possible solutions, costs and associated deadlines so that you can have an EDRO running again.

Your EDRO must be sent to us, where it will inspected by our team. After the analysis, we will contact you, presenting the possible solutions, either through replacement or repair (if technically feasible). Regardless of the solution, it will keep your EDRO within our lifetime warranty plan.

In case of replacement of the damaged component, you, EDRO customer, will receive a special discount on the purchase of it.

If the repair is feasible, you, the EDRO customer, will also have an exclusive condition in terms of maintenance.

EDRO Carbon Assist is valid only for final and original consumers of the purchased product.

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